Private wellness, Bellevaux (BE)

Extensive relaxation options have been built for this Bellevaux home. With the help of Alpha Wellness Sensations, a large infrared sauna and a spacious steam bath appeared in addition to the existing indoor pool.

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Wir von Alpha Wellness Sensations, realisieren private und gewerbliche Wellnessbereiche sowohl in Groß-Serien als auch auf jeden individuellen Wunsch.Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere Kompetenz und Erfahrung wenn es um die Erweiterung bestehender oder um den Neubau von komplett neuen Anlagen geht. Vereinbaren Sie einen Termin mit unseren Experten und lassen Sie Ihre Sinne durch zeitgemäße Wellness-Ideen , die perfekt zu Ihrem Projekt passen. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere neuesten Modelle, unsere innovativen Produktreihen und unsere phantastischen Referenzobjekte.

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Intens Suite

203 x 150 - 4 sitting places Intens Series The new Intens Suite Spa is one of the most seductive minimalist hydromassages of the moment, and as with all hot tubs from the Premium range, it offers that something extra that some users always seek: better finishes, more features and the total quality.This hot tub has a stylish design, above all aimed at couples and intended for private residences and hotel suites. Its compact dimensions (203x150x72) enable 4 different positions inside the hot tub, two of them in the form of ergonomic loungers. The 28 massage points, arranged in 20 jets and 8 air nozzles, have been carefully designed and located to provide a relaxing back massage from top to bottom, together with bubbles that activate blood circulation from your feet to your buttocks. Without a doubt, the restorative effects are extraordinary. This model also stands out for its favourable height, which facilitates access to the hot tub, the display featuring the Balboa control system for controlling basic and programming functions (switching on, filtration), its two comfortable headrests and four LED lights which create a welcoming ambience, in accordance with the concept and philosophy of this model. It is available in different acrylic and wood finishes and allows any of the optional features to be incorporated, both in terms of energy efficiency and purely aesthetic aspects. Without a doubt, the Suite is a seductive hot tub designed for intimate and unforgettable moments with your loved ones.